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If you only used our “Filing” service, then you were planning to attend already.  If you are using our “Filing and Appearance” service, you will not need to attend the hearing.  You will need to appear if your case is disputed or opposed.  If you already know that the defendant refuses to pay or there is a dispute between you and the defendant. it is best for you to go to court at the day of the hearing and argue your case.  Otherwise, we will be there to answer for you.

The Payment Review hearing is a second hearing after the original trial if you win your case.  It is scheduled 30-40 days after the judgment date.  You will need to take a day off from work need to appear or your case could be dismissed.  We offer the appearance service $89.00

We will first present any documentation or proof of the debt to the defendant.  Second, we will attempt to set up repayment terms (payment plan).  If they refuse to pay and challenge the evidence, we will ask for the court to continue the case for a future date.  This way you can appear at a future date to tell your side of the story.

Capias is an arrest warrant you give to a Sheriff or Constable and arrange for service.

Execution is a court document you can give to a Sheriff or Constable to seize a defendants assets.

We will create a digital signature on your behalf for the documents.

We will create a digital signature on your behalf for the documents.

You can pay a sheriff or constable to try to arrest the defendant or you can hire a Collection agency that specializes in Judgments

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The court filing fees are based on the principal amount of your debt.Massachusetts Small Claims Filing Fees $40 Under $500.00 $50 $501-$2,000 $100  $2,001-$5,000 $150 $5,001-$7,000

You may consider only filing for $7,000.00 to use the small claims system.  You do have the option of using Civil court which is $7,000-$25,000.  In Massachusetts you will need to have a lawyer start this action.  Please contact us by phone or email and we can talk about your case and give you some suggestions based on your specific case.  This is a FREE consultation.

Archived page by former Attorney General
“There is no statute of limitations on billing for bad debts, but there are statutes of limitations for filing lawsuits and for reporting the debts to the credit reporting agencies. Although these do vary depending upon the type of debt, in general there is a six year statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit to collect upon a debt, and a seven year statute for reporting bad credit. It is rarely a good idea to decide not to pay a good debt if you are relying wholly on the statute of limitations, because there are more complicated issues involved, including when these may be tolled, or extended, or even when the statutory period has begun to run. But for your question, even if the statute of limitations has run, as long as a collector follows the debt collection rules and is not harassing you, they may continue to make reasonable collection efforts, short of going to court.”

We are not lawyers. We are a licensed debt collection agency with 18 years of experience in the courts. We partner with many attorneys who make the appearances for your case.

Notify us up to 7 days prior to the hearing. You will receive a refund of $80.00. 6 days or less prior to the hearing date will not receive a refund. Sorry.

Absolutely! All costs to bring a court action or cost to attempt to collect the debt are 100% recoverable. You will see that all the costs you have paid will be added to the case total. The debtor WILL ultimately pay all the costs and fees associated. The law states this clearly.

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