What to Expect

What happens after I fill out the form and pay the fee?

You will received a notice from the court if you are going to appear for the hearing

This notice will give you a time and date of the hearing/trial.  If we are appearing on your behalf, you will need to call or email us that date and time.  Since you are the plaintiff in the case, all documents and notices will go to you.  Call us at 508-857-44r fax us at 240-359-4906 or email us at office @judgmentacquisitions.comor email us at office @judgmentacquisitions.com

If you think the defendant is disputing the claim...

We suggest you appear at the hearing.  We will issue you a credit of $80.00 up to 7 days prior to the hearing.  You will have the option to have to lawyer answer for you AND you appear as a witness.  If the defendant appears and suddenly is disputing the claim,  you have hired us to appear at the hearing, we will ask the court for a continuance so that you can appear as a witness at a future date.

Defendant appears at the hearing and and wants to work out a payment agreement

This is a rare occasion, but sometimes happens.  Our lawyer will do the best they can with the information they have.  The lawyer will make the payment agreement and get it in writing and have the defendant fill out a financial statement.  All payment plans are instructed to pay you directly.

If the defendant fails to appear at the Trial/Hearing

You will win by default.  You will receive a Judgment in the mail.   There will be a future date for a “Payment Review” about 30-40 days in the future.  You can appear on your own at court, or we can appear and answer for you.

Payment Review (PR) Hearing

Normally this is 30-40 days after the judgment date.  If the defendant fails to pay you by the payment review date, you or the attorney MUST appear and ask for the Execution or the Capias.    If you (Plaintiff) or Representative fails to appear at the PR, the judgment may be dismissed.  Please appear or notify us at least 7 days in advance if you would like us to represent you at the PR hearing.  Call, email, fax, or even stop by!

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